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Why Nativity BVM?

At Nativity, “Education with a Different Spirit” involves a supportive community providing opportunities for your student to grow in their relationship with God. Here your student will encounter teachers who understand, for example, that the truths of science and mathematics are reflective of a Creator God who has infused the world with intelligibility.

There are many reasons that a Catholic high school education could be right for your student. Catholic high schools, like Nativity BVM, have secured a proven reputation for academic excellence. Contributing factors include a healthier learning environment and improved student safety due to smaller class sizes, effective student discipline, and greater individual attention for each student.

In addition, your student will become involved in character-building community service projects and a range of extracurricular activities.

Education majors in dates and figures, explanations and definitions, how things work, how to use a library, doing experiments in a laboratory. None of this is without usefulness. But it has little to do with becoming a mature person, with growing up. We know a thing, a truth, a person only in relationship. There is a great deal of impersonal knowledge available. There is no impersonal wisdom. —Eugene H. Peterson

At its core, Catholic education is about providing our students with the means to enter a lifelong pursuit of personal wisdom by way of an ever-deepening relationship with the God who made us.

If you are seeking a school that will challenge your students academically and help them grow into community-minded adulthood, there is no better choice than Nativity BVM.

Our Partner School

Assumption BVM School
112 South 7th Street
Pottsville, PA 17901

Nativity BVM High School  •  One Lawtons Hill  •  Pottsville, PA 17901  •  570.622.8110

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